Cross-Cultural Food Pairings for French Wine (#Winophiles)

Mural UBC (2)
First Nations Painted Screen (on display at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia)

The French #Winophiles are off and running this weekend, headed for destinations unknown. Yes, we will keep our focus on French wines, as usual. But this month we’ll scan the globe in search of delectable food pairings from other cultures. Are you ready to pack your bag and hit the road with us? Be sure to stash a few bottles of your favorite French wine in your suitcase and come aboard! We set sail Saturday morning April 15th at 11 am EDT. Meet us on Twitter using the #Winophiles. Everyone is welcome, whether as a spectator or a participant (we love new members!); just be sure to use the designated hashtag within your tweets so we can properly welcome you.

Wine lovers are well-acquainted with the menu-pairing advice, “what grows together goes together.” And good counsel it is. However every now and again it’s fun to mix things up, stir the pot, and flip that old adage on its head. You’ve heard of fusion cuisine, in which two culinary styles are combined to create a dynamically different dish? Well what about trying that with wine and food pairings? Our group of bloggers and wine writers took this challenge to heart, creating a tantalizing array of non-French recipes that accentuate and complement the beauty of French wine. Are you curious? Read on . . . .

  • Martin from Enofylz Wine Blog pairs Bordeaux with Cajun and Italian Classics
  • Michelle from Rockin’ Red Blog asks Do Empanadas Bordeaux?
  • Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla will match A Vin de Pays d’Oc Chardonnay and an Edible Mollusc from Monterey
  • Gwendolyn of Wine Predator highlights Cross-Cultural Pairings: Mexican Mole with French Wine
  • Jane from Always Ravenous takes us to the islands with Chicken Colombo: A Blend of Caribbean Flavors from the French West Indies
  • Lynn from Savor the Harvest informs us that Tortilla Española Crosses Wine Borders
  • Jill of L’occasion describes A World of Flavors in Marseille
  • Peter from The Wine Analyst delves into Food & Wine – Moroccan Chicken Pastilla
  • Jeff from FoodWineClick! reports as Loire Valley Wines Take the Spicy Thai Challenge
  • Here at The Swirling Dervish we’ll enjoy A Feast for the Senses: Viognier and Indian Spices

We hope you’ll be tempted to join us! If you’re interested in future Winophiles events, please see our schedule below. We convene the third Saturday of each month at 11 am eastern time and we’d love to have you. Here’s what we’re up to for the rest of 2017:


May: A Drive through Bourgogne PART 1 (Chablis, Côte de Nuits) hosted by LM Archer at binNotes | redThread™

June: A Drive through Bourgogne PART 2 (the Maconnais, Côte Chalonnaise, Côte de Beaune)  hosted by LM Archer at binNotes | redThread™

July: Southwest France (Sud-Ouest), hosted by Jeff at FoodWineClick!

August: French Wine Finds Under $20

September: My French Wine Memory: Travel Stories from Wine Writers (pick your own!)

October: Languedoc-Roussillon

November: Beaujolais, hosted by Jeff at FoodWineClick!

December: French Dessert Wine


  1. […] I made a lamb curry for dinner tonight. The recipe was similar to the one I used when I paired this Ken Forrester Viognier with a red hot Indian Curry not so long ago. Curry for me has always been a difficult dish to pair with wine, and so this experimenting of mine was inspired by reading Lauren’s blog post where she as well as some  other bloggers and wine writers took up a challenge of “creating a tantalising array of non-French recipes that accentuate and complement the beauty of Fren…”. […]


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