The Mysteries of Corsica (#Winophiles)

It’s Saturday and I’m taking off for the island of Corsica, or Corse, as it’s known in French.  Where better to chase away winter’s chill than this ruggedly beautiful chunk of land basking in the Mediterranean between Italy and France?  If you’re dreaming of warmer weather while the snow piles up outside, please join me and the other French Winophiles at 11 am eastern time, … Continue reading The Mysteries of Corsica (#Winophiles)

Winter Comfort Food for Those 80 Degree Days (#WinePW)

As I sit writing this post, my friends and family up north are wrapped in blankets, watching inches (feet?) of snow pile up outside their windows.  I’m sure the beastly weather will send many of them to the kitchen, where they will put on a pot of something delicious and heart-warming for later.  I can imagine the aromas wafting from the stove – perhaps it’s … Continue reading Winter Comfort Food for Those 80 Degree Days (#WinePW)

All Roads Lead to Riesling (#winestudio)

I may have co-opted the famous saying about perceived Roman dominance many centuries ago, but I feel it’s appropriate.  After all, Riesling has made quite powerful friends of late, namely the sommeliers who love to tout its unmatched affinity for a wide range of cuisines, not to mention its ability to age for decades without losing any of its famed balance and finesse.  But in … Continue reading All Roads Lead to Riesling (#winestudio)

Breaking Out of Barolo: Nebbiolo from Alto Piemonte (#ItalianFWT)

For the first time, I’m joining the Italian Food Wine Travel group for its monthly discussion of Italian culture, cuisine, and wine.  In a departure from the usual Italian-only focus, this month the bloggers will explore Nebbiolo from places outside the well-known vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco.  You may also see Nebbiolo wines outside the traditional dry red table wine, as it is sometimes made … Continue reading Breaking Out of Barolo: Nebbiolo from Alto Piemonte (#ItalianFWT)

Toiling Away . . . . (#MWWC30)

I’m jumping back into the fray this month, submitting an entry to the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.  January’s theme – OBSCURE – was chosen by last month’s winner, Shez, of The Epicurious Texan.  This is the 30th edition of the MWWC, a friendly competition among wine writers, in which we venture beyond tasting notes and let the purple prose flow!  Here goes: Obscurity and Competence:  … Continue reading Toiling Away . . . . (#MWWC30)

Fancy a Quick Trip Down Under?

Today the peloton saddles up for the first day of the Santos Tour Down Under, the biggest bike race on the Australian calendar.  Going strong since its inception in 1999, the race is sure to be a draw for cycling fans the world over.  All the big names are in attendance, from world road racing champion and perennial crowd favorite, Peter Sagan, to newcomers like … Continue reading Fancy a Quick Trip Down Under?

New Wines for a New Year: Wine Pairing Weekend Welcomes 2017 (#winePW)

I’m really excited about this episode of Wine Pairing Weekend:  all of us will be writing about wines we haven’t tried before.  That might mean trying a grape variety we’ve just learned about, or sampling a wine from an emerging region.  Gosh, it could be both!  Take a look at what has inspired our group of food and wine writers this month: Wine Predator wrote about … Continue reading New Wines for a New Year: Wine Pairing Weekend Welcomes 2017 (#winePW)