The Enduring Allure of Champagne (French #Winophiles)

Champagne.  Uttering the very word evokes a visceral response, one that sparks the neurons and magically transports us to another place and time.  Sure, there are other sparkling wines, and many of them are high-quality sippers at that.  Cava, Crémant, Franciacorta, Prosecco, Moscato – each of these prompts images of gaiety, happiness, and light.  But only Champagne (that word again!) instantly connotes celebration, conviviality, and … Continue reading The Enduring Allure of Champagne (French #Winophiles)

The Mysteries of Corsica (#Winophiles)

It’s Saturday and I’m taking off for the island of Corsica, or Corse, as it’s known in French.  Where better to chase away winter’s chill than this ruggedly beautiful chunk of land basking in the Mediterranean between Italy and France?  If you’re dreaming of warmer weather while the snow piles up outside, please join me and the other French Winophiles at 11 am eastern time, … Continue reading The Mysteries of Corsica (#Winophiles)