Wine, Food, and Family: The Gift of Memories (#WinePW)

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Wine, Food, and Family: The Gift of Memories (#WinePW)

As I tried to come up with a title for this month’s post, I found myself reminiscing about Christmases past. Not in the sense of Ebenezer Scrooge receiving unwelcome visits from fearsome ghosts, but rather basking in the memory of special moments with my mother. What surprised me was that most of those happy times occurred relatively recently, within the last 15 years. The memories that made me want to travel back in time were not from childhood; in fact my mother and I weren’t close when I was young. It wasn’t until much later in life that we grew together, probably when I had faced my own adult challenges and could appreciate her story much better.

The same might be said of the bond with my sister, although we started out thick as thieves. Only a year apart, we experienced many of the same things at the same time and, even today it’s hard to imagine a day when we weren’t together. But after graduating high school we blazed separate paths, and they shared little common ground. I’m happy to say that has changed, and we have reconnected. Our common interests, it seems, are greater than whatever broke us apart. And it all goes back to the kitchen.

A Family of Cooks

My mom grew up learning how to cook by helping her mother in the kitchen. My grandmother was the eldest of nine, and served as her mother’s right hand, whether that was watching the other kids, preparing dinner, or seeing to farm work. She was a no-nonsense lady who, even in her later years, maintained a vegetable garden and rose with the sun each day to tend it. My grandfather hunted and fished, and Mom-mom was an expert in preparing whatever he brought home. Mom learned everything first-hand, and became a fantastic cook in her own right.

Some of my earliest memories are of standing next to my sister in Mom-mom’s tiny kitchen, waiting to be assigned a task (or to snatch a scrap of turkey from the carving platter!) As apprentices, we mixed dressing for the cole slaw, shelled beans and peas, or stirred gravy in the big roasting pan atop the gas stove. We didn’t realize it yet, but we were learning to cook.

A Modern 1970s Mother

Lynnes Bday Cake
My sister’s first birthday. The gumdrop cake was one of my mom’s creations.

Our home probably looked like a million others in modest neighborhoods– split level, small kitchen, a few bedrooms. But my mom had this crazy creative spirit that infused everything she did: cooking was a hobby and she outdid herself with every meal. An avid member of the garden club, she created festive holiday arrangements for family and friends. But her most magnificent project was her stained glass lamps.

She claimed a damaged windshield from an auto salvage yard and brought it home to the basement. After smashing the glass into mosaic tile-sized pieces, she painstakingly dyed them in a rainbow of colors. Then she glued them onto large glass globes, fitting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle until they covered the surface. The grand finale was the lighting of a votive candle inside the globe: all the colors came to life, bathing the room in an enchanting glow. She made a half-dozen and gave them to close friends and family. My sister has the only one left.

Unfortunately, those early memories were clouded by what came later: my dad’s struggle with substance abuse and my mom’s desperate attempt to keep him sober, raise us kids, and maintain a household. That’s too much for anyone, and something had to give. In my case it was a close relationship with my mother.

Unexpected Gifts

Many years later, while I was suffering through a devastating divorce, my mother and I got a second chance at our relationship. We became friends. She visited me frequently, and we had some hilarious adventures together. When I moved to Florida, we’d talk on the phone every Saturday night, each of us cooking our own dinners and chatting while we ate. I called them our Saturday Night Dates, and I treasure them to this day.



More B-day Fun
My sister, my mom, and I celebrating Mom’s big day.

One of the best weeks of my life happened back in 2009, when my sister and my mom came to visit me in Florida. The trip coincided with my mother’s 70th birthday, and I was excited to plan a lot of fun activities for the three of us. I made reservations at two local restaurants for special dinners out. But the best part of the planning was what we would cook together.

Meal #1: Indian Spiced Chicken Salad with Domaine Saint Amant La Borry Viognier

With their arrival scheduled around noon, I figured a nice lunch would be appreciated after a long morning of flying. I put together this aromatic and tasty chicken salad and chilled a bottle of La Borry Viognier. Most of the prep for the salad can be done the day before, and it’s a cinch to assemble and serve. Viognier makes a perfect accompaniment to the fragrant Indian spices in the chicken. The pairing was a hit all around.

Indian Chicken Salad Mom
Viognier and Indian Chicken Salad? Yes, please!

Saint Amant La Borry Viognier

Meal #2: Rack of Lamb with Coconut-Mint Sauce and Glazed Peas with Stolpman Vineyards Estate Syrah

This was the first meal we cooked together. The three of us flipped through an issue of Food and Wine, and decided upon this recipe from Eric Ripert. As with the chicken salad, it is a flavorful and satisfying dish that is quick and easy to pull together. We jostled elbows as we worked in my small kitchen, but it felt familiar:  we had traveled backward in time, to the holidays in my Mom-mom’s house.

Lamb with Coconut Lime Sauce and Glazed Peas

Stolpman Syrah


Meal #3: Seared Cod with Spicy Mussel Aioli with Domaine Ricard “?” Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Another winner of a recipe from Eric Ripert, this luxurious fish dish had us congratulating ourselves on our cooking prowess. The plates looked like something from a restaurant, and we felt like we were being spoiled. Don’t be put off, though – the execution is super-simple! As for the wine, this bottle is my hands-down favorite Sauvignon Blanc. I’m not much of a fan of the variety in general, but this rich, smooth, delight can sit at my table any time.

Halibut with Garlic and Mussel Aoli

Domaine Ricard Question Mark Touraine

What Sticks with You

The holiday season will be over almost as quickly as it arrived and, pretty soon we’ll be awash in reminiscences and New Year’s resolutions. Memories of what we ate, what we drank, and the gifts we received will fade, replaced by the next big events on our calendars. But, in my experience, who you share those moments with is what sticks with you long after the excitement has subsided.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Special dessert for the birthday girl.

I know this because three months after my mom’s 70th birthday celebration, she had a stroke, the first of several. On Thanksgiving Day of 2009 she was hospitalized for several months and was ultimately placed in a full-service nursing care facility. She no longer recognizes us and has no joy in her life. We won’t have any new holiday memories with her to add to our reflections; she is gone. That’s why I am thankful each day for the times we shared, even if it took a long time for us to get there.

Best wishes to all of you, for a happy, healthy holiday season. Pay attention to the small moments, the silly conversations, and the family traditions. Trust me, you’ll feel them forever and they’ll always be with you, regardless of the food you shared or the wine you drank. Cheers!


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    • Thank you Lynn. I didn’t start out writing about my mom but that’s where the post took me. My sister and I had a good cry over it last night, as we remembered that Florida trip with her. I appreciate your reading and taking the time to comment. Have an awesome weekend!


    • Yes, I agree. Case in point, this post. I didn’t plan to write about my mom, but I realized my greatest gift was a renewed relationship with her later in life. Thanks for taking time to comment. Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. It seems that writing is such a blessing when we get to retell family stories to eager ears. How blessed we are for all of our connections. Peace and joy to you and yours thus holiday season.

    Beautiful storytelling!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jill. This was one of those posts that practically wrote itself, once I got started. My sister and I had a long conversation about it last night, after she had read it, and we laughed and cried about that last Florida trip. I appreciate your comment and insight very much. Cheers!


    • Thanks John. Those memories are what I rely on when I miss my mom; they’re especially important right now. I appreciate your taking the time to read my post and comment. I hope you and your family have a joyous holiday season!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lauren, I’m sitting here crying into my coffee as I read this. Thank you for sharing your story…and for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the time with my parents, despite having a to-do list that is epic long, especially at this time of year. I know to carve out time for my kids and my husband. But time with my parents will be shorter. Cheers, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Camilla! Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. For some reason it went into my spam folder and I’m just now seeing it. I appreciate your taking the time to read my story and am glad it resonated with you. Every day that goes by I’m thankful I had time to create new memories with my mom, to replace the ones I wished for from childhood. During her visit in 2009, I’d never have imagined it would be the last time I’d see her in full form. It reminds me even now to make every interaction an occasion. Happy holidays to you and your crew, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.


  3. Such beautiful stories, Lauren! Thank you so much for sharing them. And those wines with food pairings! Well done! Cheers to you for a beautiful holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a touching post. I too had a difficult relationship with my mother until I had children of my own and matured enough to see that we all do the best we can with what we have. My mom also suffered dementia, forcing us to lose her before she had left us. This is my second Christmas without her. Hugs to you and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your memories with us today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Wendy. It sounds as though you went through a similar experience with your mom, and I’m sorry for that. What I’ve begun to realize is that many of us are dealing with similar circumstances. Sending you a big hug back, and wonderful wishes for a Merry Christmas!


  5. Wonderful Lauren. Thank you for sharing about your mom and sister. I cook all the time and wish so badly I could get my kids to join me in the kitchen for something more than once a year Christmas cookies. Those memories are the ties that bind. Great selection of wines. Love Stolpman’s syrah! Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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