A Different Side of Miami: The Neon-Bright, Magic City Tones It Down – A Little

Even our buildings are colorful!
Holdout House
Surrounded by skyscrapers, this little house is a breath of fresh air!

The first time you stroll the streets of downtown Miami, you realize she’s just like that friend you have: you know, the one who’s Extra in every way, from her clothes and her perfume to her mega-watt smile and infectious laugh. The friend whose presence ensures a great party. The one whose absence makes everyone feel a little less festive.

E is for Extra
E is for Extra!

Over the last couple of weeks, things in Miami have slowed down a bit. Fears of the coronavirus have closed restaurants, except for takeout and delivery. Beaches are closed. Bars and nightclubs, too. It’s as if this microscopic interloper threatens to dull our girl’s shine; to steal some of her sparkle.

As a resident, I say, “Good luck with that.”

Miami might have toned things down a bit, but only on the surface. The spicy personality hasn’t gone anywhere. Without the tourists who throng our streets every spring break, we full-timers have the place to ourselves. An evening walk is now a peaceful interlude because there’s no traffic. The other folks you pass (at a six-foot distance) are your neighbors, not tourists traveling in pods, eyes glued to their phones.

Welcome to Miami!

Yes, life is slower and playing at a slightly lower volume, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less textured or interesting. Our locals come from all parts of the world, as seen in our culinary traditions, languages, and even the music playing on the breeze. If anything, that’s on display now more than ever.

Sculpture at Four Seasons
The grande dame gracing the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Here are some photos I took a few nights ago, as Gabe and I wandered around a strangely quiet downtown. Enjoy this glimpse of the more subdued side of the Magic City because, before you know it, she’ll be back at full volume.

Count on it.

Conrad Hotel
Conrad Hotel on Brickell Avenue. I took this photo standing in the middle of the street. Impossible on a normal evening!
SLS HighRise
Looking up at the SLS Hotel. Another shot from the middle of the street.
Always a message of encouragement somewhere!
Chiropractor Sign
Maybe someone, somewhere thinks this is a good idea . . .
Empty Seats at DC Pie
Empty restaurant tables during what is usually the busiest time of year.
Interior of DC Pie
Bakers at DC Pie Company, which just opened, prepare takeout orders.
DC Pie Logo
We’ve been waiting for them to open and hope they hang in through the slow times.
Meatball and Onion Pie from DC Pie
Meatball and onion pie. Thin crust; perfect balance of ingredients. A+
DC Pie Socials
Miami peeps, check this place out. Pizza is super-delicious!



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