Bright Lights, Big Windows: Christmas Decorations in New York City

Christmas is my favorite time to be in the Big Apple. There’s so much to see, from the festive windows at Saks, Bergdorf’s, and the luxury boutiques lining Fifth Avenue, to the massive, glittering tree in Rockefeller Center. The streets are thronged with well-heeled shoppers toting gift bags in one hand, excited children in the other. Everyone wants a taste of the New York City Christmas spirit.

Gabe and I bundled up and hit the scene last night, arriving at Saks Fifth Avenue just after 6:00 pm. Our strategy – to venture out on a weeknight when the weather was iffy – paid off: while there was no shortage of people roving about, the crowds were less dense than they would have been on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a sampling of what we experienced:

  1. The Light Show at Saks Fifth Avenue. Catch it if you can – lights, music, so impressive.

Saks Facade Straight On

Saks Facade 1

Saks Facade 2

Saks Facade 3

2. My Favorite Windows at Saks

Saks Window 4

Saks Window 5

3. The Big Tree

The Tree at Rockefeller Center
Always exciting to see the gigantic Christmas Tree!

4. Decorations on Park Avenue

Tree at 51st and Park
All of Park Avenue sparkles this time of year!
Met Life Building
The Met Life Building and Grand Central Station

5. Dolce and Gabbana

D&G Treats

More from D&G

D&G Platforms
Dear Santa . . .
D&G Mens Suit
Gabe would totally rock this suit – and the slippers!
D&G Santa
Love Santa’s tropical, floral beard.

6. Bergdorf’s

Bergdorfs 1
All of the windows were staged as if you were looking down on the scenes. This was my fave!
Bergdorfs 2
Holiday pinball arcade.
Bergdorfs 3
Who wouldn’t covet a bejeweled doughnut?
Bergdorfs 4
Three dimensional chess 🙂
Bergdorfs 5
Lavender Lady owning the board game.
Bergdorfs 6
I have no idea what the hell this is!
Bergdorfs 7
Feathery, furry soldier keeps watch over the crowds.

7. Tasty Treats at La Durée

Macaron Tree at La Duree
Tempting, no???
La Duree 1
Not sure if this is edible but it does look cool.

8. More Windows on the Way Home


Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Monique Lhuillier
Winter princess dress at Monique Lhuillier.
Snow Leopard at ML
Every snow princess needs a snow leopard.
Gucci Cryptkeeper
The mannequin reminds me of the Cryptkeeper. But hey, she’s sporting Gucci. Rock on!
In Front of the Plaza Hotel
Display across from the Plaza Hotel.

9. Warming Up at Home with 2011 FaviaQuarzo Amador County Syrah

Favia 2011 Syrah
Rich, syrupy, and just what we needed to warm our bones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at our New York City holiday adventure. Here’s wishing a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you and your families and friends.




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