Photo Tour: Walking in the West Village and Dinner at Wallsé

A few weeks ago, Gabe and I spent a Saturday afternoon meandering around New York City. We started at the new Hudson Yards, then ambled down the High Line, taking in the vibrant art installations as we headed south.  (If you’d like to see those photos, click here.)

Our plan was to dine early, at one of our favorite places – Wallsé – in the West Village. We had a little time to kill before our reservation, so we continued to wander around, strolling through Hudson River Park and the West Village.

All told, our day’s activities included about 3 hours of walking; a great way to work up an appetite for the modern Austrian delights created by Michelin star-winning chef Kurt Gutenbrunner.

Rather than describe what we experienced during our escapade, I figured I might as well post all the photos so you can see for yourself!

Working Up an Appetite by the Hudson River

Looking South to Freedom Tower
A brisk walk along the Hudson, looking south to the Freedom Tower.
Gabe by the Hudson
Gabe takes five at Hudson River Park.
ESB and the Bosch Tree House
The Empire State Building and, to the left, the coolest-looking house I’ve seen in Manhattan. It reminds me of an urban tree house and I want to live there!
Chumleys Plaque
Plaque commemorating Chumley’s, a West Village speak-easy that first opened in 1922.
Chumleys Door
Chumley’s entrance. Interesting to note that the neighboring building has a sign posted on the door saying, “Not Chumley’s!”
Side View 2
Palazzo Chupi, built by artist Julian Schnabel, who constructed an Italian-style villa atop an old factory building. Bizarre, but fun to contemplate!
Facade and Marquis
The lower floors of Palazzo Chupi and the marquis.
Ground Floors Schnabel Studio
Schnabel uses the first two floors as a studio. Look at those high ceilings!

Modern Austrian Cuisine at Wallsé

Gabe and I both opted for the chef’s tasting menu: three courses plus dessert.

Main Dining Room
My favorite place in NYC is Wallsé. Gabe took me to dinner here early in our courtship and we always enjoy a return trip. The portrait is of the chef, Kurt Gutenbrunner, and was painted by his good friend and neighbor, Julian Schnabel.
Wine #1 Dry Furmint
Fantastic BTG offering: dry Furmint from Peter Schandl. Even Gabe raved about this wine, and he doesn’t usually get too excited by wine. Me? I loved it!
Course 1 Kampachi Crudo w Peas Tomato Cilantro
My first course: Kampachi Crudo with Peas, Tomato, and Cilantro.
Course 1 Torched Arctic Char w Cucumbers Apple Endive
Gabe’s first course: Torched Arctic Char with Cucumber, Apples, and Endive.
Course 2 Turkish Morels w Sherry Chervil and Semolina Dumpling
My second course: Turkish Morels with Sherry, Chervil, and Semolina Dumpling.
Course 2 White Asparagus Soup w Lobster Ravioli
Gabe’s second course: White Asparagus Soup with Lobster Ravioli.
Wine #3 Sparkling Gruner Veltliner
100% Grüner-Veltliner – and a sparkling one at that! Quite a lovely surprise, with floral and ripe fruit aromas. Our sommelier indicated the grapes grow on an elevated site with full sunlight.
Course 3 Walleye Pike w Fava Beans White Asparagus and Potato Chive Sauce
My third course: Walleye Pike with Fresh Fava Beans, White Asparagus, and Potato-Chive Sauce.
Course 3 Thyme Roasted Lamb Rack w Artichokes Fiddlehead Ferns and Shallots
Gabe’s third course: Thyme-Roasted Lamb Rack with Artichokes, Fiddlehead Ferns, and Shallots.
Apple Strudel and Caramel Ice Cream
Gabe’s Dessert: Apple Strudel with Caramel Ice Cream.
Cheese Plate
My cheese plate, adorned with hazelnuts, honey, spiced rhubarb, and green apple.

Post-Dinner Digestive Walk – West Village Heading North and East

Caliente Cab Co Cafe (2)
Caliente Cab Company – long-time Mexican café.
Pretty Door Art
Pretty doors abound in the West Village.
Disco Suit (2)
Sunny yellow disco pantsuit in a shop window. Yeah, I’d wear it!
Raspberry Beret House
I call this the Raspberry Beret house because its color reminds me of the Prince song.
Street Art
Eerily lifelike window art.
Looking Down 7th Avenue to Freedom Tower
Looking down 7th Avenue toward the Freedom Tower.
As the Sun Sets
And the sun goes down . . .


Thanks for scrolling through my photos and taking a virtual walk of your own. Do you have a favorite place to mosey around in New York City? Tell me about it!

FYI, if you’re interested in trying Chef Gutenbrunner’s food for yourself, you can reserve via Open Table for Wallsé. He also runs Café Sabarsky, located in the Neue Galerie on the Upper East Side. At 86th Street and Fifth Avenue, it’s just across the street from the Metropolitan Museum, and is a wonderful place to relax over an Austrian coffee or glass of wine.


  1. Some day I’m going to get to NY with my man, walk your route, and eat at Wallsé. Your photos are wow! PS: I think you’d look great in that yellow pants suite 😉

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