New York Stories: Visiting Hudson Yards and Walking the High Line


Metal Silhouette
Art installations decorate the High Line in New York City.

Every now and then it’s fun to wander around a familiar neighborhood and look at it with fresh eyes; to play the tourist in your home town. This past weekend, Gabe and I gave it a try, bundling up and heading over to Hudson Yards, the massive complex dominating the far west side of Manhattan. Under construction for years, it boasts an entertainment center, a 100-story observation deck, multiple restaurants, and plenty of places to shop. It even has its own subway stop!

We did a quick tour of the shopping area, which was quite impressive: lots of light streaming through the tall, glass walls; high-end boutiques for big spenders (or lookey-loos); and futuristic shops in which you can select your items and pay for them with your cell phone – no cashiers required.

For more information on all the attractions, check out the website.

What’s cool about Hudson Yards is that it connects directly to the High Line, a former railroad bed that was converted into a walking path bordered by birch trees, flower beds, and artwork. My first visit several years ago did not impress: it was 95 degrees and mobbed with tourists. Feeling claustrophobic while strolling outside was not the experience I had anticipated.

Happy to say that last weekend’s trek went a lot better. It was brisk and breezy, which probably mitigated the crowd situation, making for a pleasant excursion. And now there are art installments along the way, providing visual entertainment every few yards.

If you would like to learn more about the High Line, click here.

Here’s a sample of what we saw on Saturday:

From the subway station to the plaza:

Mosaic 2
As you ride the escalator from the subway station, look up! There’s a colorful mosaic on the ceiling.
Tall Building
The plaza is framed by modern skyscrapers that seem improbably tall.
The Shed Up Close
The Shed is Hudson Yards’ cultural arts center.
The Vessel 3
The Vessel invites you to climb, interact, and explore as you view the Hudson River and the city skyline.

Inside the shopping pavilion:

Looking Out at the Vessel 2

The Vessel as seen from inside the pavilion.

Water Water Water
Modern water station: pick your bottle and . . .
New Way to Shop 2
. . . well, you get the idea! No cashiers required at The Drugstore.
Mirror Mural in the Shopping Arcade
A mirrored mural in the shopping corridor offers reflections as you pass.
Display at Kith Treats with Gabe Lauren Photobomb
Display at KITH Treats. Gabe and I didn’t realize we photo-bombed our own shot!
Mural in the Sock Store
Fun painting at Stance.
More Art in the Sock Store
More artwork at Stance.

Walking the High Line:

Even the apartment buildings have art!
With the Old RR Tracks
Metal sculpture sitting atop the original rails.
Zaha Hadid Building
Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, this building boasts a $50 million penthouse.
Five Conversations Brief
Five Conversations by Lubaina Himid.
Five Conversations 3
Love the flowered texture of the door!
Five Conversations 2
Looks like she’s walking down the steps.
Five Conversations 5
Incorporating the door knocker and door knob into the portrait.
Five Conversations 1
Bright patterns on a bright white door.
Five Conversations 4
The pale green door blends into the landscape behind.
White Birch Tree
White birch trees line the walking path – so gorgeous!
Random Art
More sculpture.
Flags Hanging Down
Multicolored flags overhead at the southern end of the High Line.

Hope you enjoyed this quick exploration of Hudson Yards and the High Line. Have you experienced them for yourself? I’d love to hear what you loved and/or loathed about them. If you are planning a trip to New York City, consider doing what we did – starting at Hudson Yards and ambling south on the High Line. You’ll end up near plenty of restaurants and bars; perfect for a quick refreshment break.

Coming up next: a trip to Hudson River Park, a stroll around the West Village, and a fabulous dinner at my favorite restaurant, Wallsé.

Have a great week!





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