Tour de France by the Glass 2016

TDF Jersey Cutouts

Coming Saturday, July 2nd!

Welcome to Tour de France by the Glass!  I created this page to pay tribute to three things I really love:  wine, bicycling, and the beautiful country of France.  Each summer I look forward to the Grand Depart of the Tour, always on the first weekend in July.  Over the course of the next three weeks, the best cyclists in the world will test their riding skills and mental and physical toughness against the formidable roadways of France – and each other!  Even if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of the sport, it’s easy to appreciate the dramatic mountain-top stage finishes and the grit and determination of the riders.

Most of the 21 stage rides take the competitors through the fabled wine-producing regions of France.  Whether you’re a European history buff, a casual sports fan,  or a full-fledged wine geek (maybe all three?) the full-color travelogue offered by the Tour’s daily television coverage will transport you into the heart of all that piques your interest.

Each day of the Tour, I will post a short description of the stage (terrain, distance, region, favorites to win) as well as a little background on the wine industry in that area.  That will include the types of grapes grown, styles of wine produced, and a recommendation for a wine or two for you to sample as you watch.

So, here’s to three weeks of excitement – with great wines to match!

Revisit TDFBTG coverage from 2015 here . . .


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