An Alsace Christmas Market Comes to New York City

I’ve never been to Alsace, which lies in eastern France, just across the Rhine River from Germany. I’ve grown fond of their wines, though, and look forward to making a visit in person one day.

Over the weekend Gabe and I ventured down (all the way down!) to the bottom of Manhattan to an area called Bowling Green. It was predictably cold and windy – pretty much the winter norm for this part of the city. It’s a good place to watch the boats go by and catch a breath of fresh air. On Saturday it was also the perfect place to experience a taste of Alsace, thanks to a pop-up Christmas market courtesy of Visit Alsace.

Alsace comprises a string of villages lying east of the Vosges Mountains. It’s sunny and charming, and a great place to grow grapes. The region is famous for its Christmas markets, full of wooden kiosks offering tasty treats like spiced wine, gingerbread, and pretzels, as well as homemade ornaments and linens.

We moseyed around for about an hour, marveling at the juxtaposition of the rustic, wooden huts decorated with handmade signs and holiday swag, against the ultra-modern skyscrapers surrounding them. If you ignored the tall glass and steel towers, you could almost imagine you were strolling through a market in Colmar.

Here’s a sample of what we saw. Hope you enjoy this little taste of Alsace in NYC!

Entry to the Alsace Christmas Market
Mulhouse Colmar
Two of the most famous towns in Alsace.
Gingerbread Man
Each stall was decorated to show its specialty. Guess what they sell here?
People Out and About
New Yorkers ambling about.
Another Heart
Looks like a gingerbread-linzer torte combo!
Pretzel or Gingerbread
Don’t know if this is gingerbread or a pretzel. There were plenty of both available!
Gingerbread Heart Decoration
Heart-shaped treats were very popular, too!
Big Tree
Grand tree at the entrance, along with some large wooden cutouts.
Ornaments 1
Handmade glass ornaments
Ornaments 2
More tree decorations
Ornaments 3
Decorations celebrating Strasbourg and pretzels
Green Ornament
Here’s the ornament I took home.
Colorful linens were a surprise among the edibles and ornaments.
Snack Time
Snack time!
Wine Time
If it’s from Alsace there must be wine! Hugel had a stand with several wines available for tasting.
Wine Offerings
Tasting menu
Chestnuts Train
This stall – shaped like a locomotive – offered roasted chestnuts. Mmmmm!
Ready for the roaster!
Needlepoint Ornaments on Tree
Embroidered heart ornaments brighten the tree.
Bowling Green Fence
Some fun facts about Bowling Green. Peppercorns went a long way back then!


  1. How much fun you had! Besides the wine (that’s a given 😉 Did you taste the roasted chestnuts?!? Love holding a pouch of them to warm my hands. I’ve been lucky to visit the Christmas market in Strasbourg just last year, a spectacular experience I can’t recommend enough. Holidays cheers to you and Gabe!

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