Spice Up Your Grilling Game: Beyond Salt and Pepper’s Wine-Soaked Planks

Cod with Soy Ginger Glaze on Beer Plank BSP Website
Cod with soy ginger glaze on a beer-soaked plank  (BeyondSaltandPepper.com)

Summer’s almost here and barbecue season is in full-swing. Are you ready to wow your guests with a twist on the traditional burgers and dogs? If so, look no further than Beyond Salt and Pepper’s pre-soaked grilling planks. They come in a variety of flavors to complement everything from citrus-marinated vegetables to peppery ribeye steaks.

What makes these grilling planks unique is that they are pre-soaked in wine, juice, or spirits, and are ready to use without further ado. Simply remove the plank from its plastic sleeve, heat up your grill, and let your culinary inspirations run wild!

Here are the basics:

  • Planks are cedar wood from sustainably harvested farms in Maine and Florida.
  • No chemicals or additives are used.
  • Planks are soaked in liquid for 48 hours, then vacuum-sealed in plastic sleeves.
  • Each plank is 6” wide by 12” long, and is 0.375” thick.
  • Seasoned smoking chips are also available.
  • A set of two planks costs $14.51 through the website or $15.97 via amazon.com.

Choose from an assortment of seasoning options:

  • California Merlot
  • California Chardonnay
  • Champagne
  • Jim Beam Bourbon
  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Apple Juice
The Arrival of Planks
Grilling planks and suggested recipes.

The creative folks at Beyond Salt and Pepper sent me a package of 6 planks to try at home, and I was thrilled to participate in the experiment. I received two each of the Chardonnay, Merlot, and Bourbon flavors.

Note: I received the grilling planks free of charge with the expectation that I would provide honest feedback on my experience. I was not compensated or asked to write a positive review. The opinions are mine, all mine!

Challenge #1: Pork Tenderloin on Merlot Plank

I was in New York City when I received the planks, and had no outdoor grill available. No problem! Beyond Salt and Pepper’s website gave me clear instructions on how to use the planks in a traditional oven (just preheat for a few minutes before placing the food on top.)

Pork Tenderloin Plated
Pork tenderloin with cranberry-clementine chutney and arugula salad.

My pork tenderloin came out great, with mild flavoring from the plank mingling with the simple herb rub I had applied. It did, however, take a few extra minutes to cook. Maybe because the wood doesn’t absorb heat? In any case, you can use a meat thermometer to ensure your dish is sufficiently cooked.

Challenge #2: Bone-In Ribeye Steak on Bourbon Plank

This was fun! My sister had come to visit me and we couldn’t wait to try out the bourbon-flavored plank with a giant steak. We applied a simple dry rub and seared the meat before placing it on the plank in the oven. As with the pork, our steak showed subtle hints of the bourbon spice. But boy, did my apartment smell incredible! In fact, each time I used these planks in the oven, they infused the kitchen with the most delectable aromas.

Rib Eye on Bourbon Plank
This monster was almost too big for the plank! 

Challenge #3: Asparagus, Pink Lemons, and Shallots on Chardonnay Plank

My favorite of the three: the asparagus really picked up more of the wine influence than the other dishes. And it looked so pretty that I served the vegetables right on the plank! The only thing I’d have liked was a slightly larger surface to work with. Asparagus needs to be turned at least once while roasting and it was a little tricky keeping the stalks from sliding off the plank. Other than that, it was pure vegetable perfection.

Asparagus and Pink Lemons on Chardonnay Plank Prepped
Prepped and ready for the oven. How cute are those pink lemons?
Asparagus Planks Cooked
All done!
Asparagus Planks Cooked and Plated
All plated up with lemon salmon and a nice glass of Albariño.

Extra Credit Challenge: Pork Chops on Bourbon Plank on the Grill

When my sister left, I sent a few planks with her so she could try them on her charcoal grill at home. She sent me these photos of the pork chop dusted with cumin and garlic. In her opinion, the seasoning on the plank came through more dramatically when cooking on the grill. She was pleased with the outcome and, I have to say, it sure looked delicious!

Pork Chop on Bourbon Plank
Juicy pork chop on the bourbon plank – smells and tastes so good!

More about Beyond Salt and Pepper

For more information about the seasoned grilling planks, including a host of yummy recipes, check out the company’s website and their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook.) And let me know if you decide to spice up your grilling game this summer. I’d love to see what you were inspired to create!


  1. I’ve used the Merlot with steak. It turned out delicious. I have one of the Bourbon planks to my trainer. He used it with steak and said it was also delicious. My only issue so far is needing to actually “grill” the meat before serving because the plank holds all the meats juice so it bakes it more than grills it. Nice overview.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the ideas on the planks! Mine are waiting patiently to be used but this summer is going to fast. I’m ‘stealing’ the asparagus idea 😉 Happy Summer!

    Liked by 1 person

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