Toiling Away . . . . (#MWWC30)

I’m jumping back into the fray this month, submitting an entry to the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.  January’s theme – OBSCURE – was chosen by last month’s winner, Shez, of The Epicurious Texan.  This is the 30th edition of the MWWC, a friendly competition among wine writers, in which we venture beyond tasting notes and let the purple prose flow!  Here goes: Obscurity and Competence:  … Continue reading Toiling Away . . . . (#MWWC30)

#MWWC27: Bubbles, Toil, and Trouble

  When I first saw the topic for September’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, my mind went immediately to the obvious:  Champagne and the other sparkling wines that we break out for celebrations, big and small.  But, I thought, that won’t be too original.  Come up with something – anything – else.  So I sat and thought about it for a while, letting my mind wander wherever it … Continue reading #MWWC27: Bubbles, Toil, and Trouble

A Tribute to Solitude – and Viognier (#MWWC26)

  This post is my contribution to the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC26), a chance for us wine writers to remember that, although we are driven by our passion for wine, we actually quite enjoy the writing aspect, too.  Each month we tackle a different theme; this month it’s Solitude.  So here goes . . . .   Let me begin by stating for the … Continue reading A Tribute to Solitude – and Viognier (#MWWC26)

Drinking in the Colors of Spain

This is my submission to the #MWWC25, a friendly competition for wine writers (  This month’s theme is Travel.  I think I’ve missed the deadline, but it’s okay, I’ll be on time next month – maybe!  Here goes … About ten years ago I was struggling in the wake of a nasty divorce and had recently suffered through a health crisis.  Not a lot to … Continue reading Drinking in the Colors of Spain