Barossa Old Vine Charter: The Oldest Vines in the World?

A while ago I had the extraordinary chance to attend a master class in the wines of the Barossa Valley Australia, specifically wines crafted from Old Vines.  The exact definition of Old Vines varies from place to place, but it has come to mean something particular here in South Australia.  More than just a chronological categorization of vines based on their year of planting, the … Continue reading Barossa Old Vine Charter: The Oldest Vines in the World?

Fancy a Quick Trip Down Under?

Today the peloton saddles up for the first day of the Santos Tour Down Under, the biggest bike race on the Australian calendar.  Going strong since its inception in 1999, the race is sure to be a draw for cycling fans the world over.  All the big names are in attendance, from world road racing champion and perennial crowd favorite, Peter Sagan, to newcomers like … Continue reading Fancy a Quick Trip Down Under?

It’s International Grenache Day!

    “Grenache is for me, the wild, wild woman of wine, the sex on wheels and devil take the hindmost, the don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  –  Oz Clarke   I rather like Oz’s description of Grenache, the wine grape of many personalities.  Having spent a bit of time in Spain, I myself have fallen prey to her charms:  sometimes in the magenta-hued … Continue reading It’s International Grenache Day!