Lighting Up the Winter Sky: the LuminoCity Festival in New York City

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Welcome to LuminoCity!

My wine friends are a creative bunch: of course they appreciate a great glass of something tasty, all while giving you the backstory on who grew the grapes and how the wine was made. Most of them also nurture other interests such as cooking, painting, writing, or photography. I’m always inspired by their efforts.

If you are part of the wine blogging universe, undoubtedly you’ve met Anatoli, author of Talk-a-Vino. His posts are always worth a read, not just for the breadth of wines he tastes and reports on, but for the unvarnished, no-nonsense opinions he offers up. He also happens to be a pretty good photographer.

Last month he shared photos from an outdoor light festival he attended in New York City. I’d never seen anything like them! Click here to take a look.

The day after Christmas, my husband and I decided to go and see the installation for ourselves. We ordered tickets online, called an Uber, and were soon on our way to Randall’s Island to experience the Lumino City Festival.

What Is the LuminoCity Festival?

My first impression was of a psychedelic landscape morphing disparate historical eras into the present: the Ice Age, represented by a winter wonderland of snowflakes and polar bears, butted up against the T-Rexes and other dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era. A tropical rain forest and a field of magic mushrooms were thrown in for good measure.

I stopped asking what it was supposed to be and just melted into the visual spectacle in front of me.

Here’s the official blurb from the LuminoCity website:

LuminoCity Inc. is a multimedia entertainment company that transforms captivating stories into multidimensional experiences. By exploring the intersection of art forms, LuminoCity seeks to blur the lines between virtuality and reality when curating unforgettable experiences for all audiences. In the inaugural year of 2019, LuminoCity proudly presents its signature event LuminoCity Festival, a month-long holiday event with an exhibition of spectacular light art displays, live performances, and a celebration of cultures.

Here’s my take on the multiple worlds of LuminoCity:

The Ice Age

Low Banner
Entrance to the Winter Wonderland
Better Christmas Trees
Holiday Trees
Ice Palace
Unicorn among the icicles
Cinderellas Coach
Cinderella’s Carriage is ready for you . . .
Ice Lilies
Ice Flowers
White Bear
Polar Bear on an Iceberg
Blue Tree Trunk
Winter blue tree

Tropical Rain Forest

Ape and Leopard

Welcome to the Jungle

Monkey in Magenta
Magenta monkey
Jungle Flora and Creature
Rainforest landscape
Big Lion
Baby lion king
Blue Flowers
Tropical blue flowers
Wild Plant
Wild snake plant
Iguana and Snake
Iguana and snake
Tropical Flora
How many creatures can you find?

Jurassic Park

Bronto Better
Brontosaurus watches over some dino eggs
Baby Dragon
Baby dragon
Dinosaur Eggs and Volcano Better
Volcano and some dinosaur eggs
T Rex 2
Mighty T-Rex
T Rex Close Up
T-Rex having a snack

Magic Mushroom Mania

Mushrooms Galore
Psychedelic mushrooms, man!
Toadstools Giant
Giant toadstools
Fish Toadstool
A mushroom fish? Never seen one of them before!
Strange mushroom pods

Candy Land

Golden Cupcake
Giant cupcake
Pink and Orange Swirl Lollipop
Purple swirl lollipop
Big Cake
Cakes, candy, and treats galore!
Donut Tunnel 2
Take a walk through Doughnut Alley
Pile of Presents
Peanut and a cascade of presents. Wonder what’s in side!
Lollipop Fields
Lollipop fields forever

And a Few Extras . . .

Hello Kitty
Gigantic Hello Kitty
Gabe and the Caterpillar
Gabe and the Giant Caterpillar
Purple Pathway
Where does the purple pathway lead?
Purple Tunnel
To the Sparkly Purple Tunnel, of course!
Even Marilyn Monroe made an appearance
Subway Stop
Only in New York City – take the B train to LuminoCity!
Good night!


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