Early Morning Walk: Central Park Reservoir (Photo Post)

Thanks to anxiety and insomnia – and the stress caused by anxiety and insomnia – I find myself awake in the middle of the night, counting the minutes until I can go out for a walk. As soon as I see the first glimmer of light on the horizon, I lace up my sneakers and make a break for it.

Most days I keep it simple – no phone or music – preferring to inhale and exhale, putting my mind in a quieter place. The past couple of days, though, I brought my iPhone so I could capture some of the magic of Central Park when no one is in it.

Not going to add too much description here: the pics pretty much speak for themselves. What I will say is that right after daybreak, the composition of the sky changes from one minute to the next. It’s Mother Nature’s slideshow and it feels like she’s putting it on just for you.

Rainy Sunday (about 5:30 am)

Another Iron Bridge North Side
Central Park has many iron bridges , all beautiful. I like how this one highlights the dense, green foliage surrounding it.
Quicksilver Water
The water looked like quicksilver – it seemed at once to be moving and staying still.
El Dorado
The El Dorado building perched on the western edge of the Park.
Close Up Skyscrapers
The tall ladies of Central Park South glimmering at dawn.
White Bird Good
As often as I’ve walked this path, I’ve never seen a bird like this one. Today I saw three of them!
Two White Birds
Here are two: not easy to capture them, as they were in constant motion.
In Flight
I managed only one in-flight shot. The shadow was a bonus!

Misty Monday Morning (about 5:00 am)

Glowing Guggenheim Monday am
The Guggenheim glowing in early morning light.
Fiery Sky and Clouds Monday am
The first shot I took as I got on the path. Less than a minute later, the orange-red colors were gone!
Follow the Path Monday am
The path is clear – if you’re looking for it!
Lavender Skies Monday am
My favorite photo of the day: these lavender skies bathed the reservoir in an other-worldly glow. 30 seconds later, the colors had shifted, as if I had twisted the kaleidoscope – completely different view.
Waves of Clouds Monday am
Clouds are always fun to watch. These reminded me of ocean waves rolling to shore.
Pink Clusters Monday am
A burst of spring color.
Big Cloud Formation Monday am
This cloud looks like an enormous balloon floating across the north side of the Park.
Explosion of Color Monday am
The Park never looks more vibrant than after a few days of rain. See for yourself!

As I wrestle with anxiety and insomnia, I take comfort in knowing I can walk a few blocks and immerse myself in the peace and serenity of Central Park. A few deep breaths, an hour of appreciating the beauty around me, and I already feel better.

If your travels take you to New York City and you’re having trouble sleeping, I highly recommend slipping into a pair of comfortable shoes and heading to the Park. At dawn you’ll have it (almost) all to yourself and you’re sure to see something spectacular.

Inhale the beauty of the day and be well!


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