Hearts on Fire – A Summer Tradition in Alto Adige (#ItalianFWT)

For a country of its size, Italy is wonderfully diverse. Home to two mountain ranges – the Alps, which dominate the northern border, and the Apennines, which form a longitudinal spine down the center – Italy also boasts beautiful beaches, exotic islands, and fertile farm land. Any student of basic geography would tell you that this results in a wide array of climates and soils, all leaving their mark on the wines of a particular place. And that’s before we consider the staggering number of grape varieties that call the peninsula home; indeed, many of them are grown nowhere else in the world.

While each region offers vinous temptations and delectable food pairings (all worth delving into, by the way) today my sights are set on the far northeast corner of Italy: Alto Adige, aka the Südtirol. Its Alpine location abutting the Swiss and Austrian borders offers a clue to its culture, which gives more than a cursory nod to Germanic tradition. Even today, nearly two-thirds of its inhabitants are native German speakers.

Geisler Summer in South Tyrol
Summer in the Südtirol (http://www.suedtirolerland.it/en)

So let’s take a trip to the snow-capped peaks of Italy’s Alpine wine regions. Continue reading “Hearts on Fire – A Summer Tradition in Alto Adige (#ItalianFWT)”