Verdicchio and Vermentino: Italy’s Perfect Summer Wines (#ItalianFWT)

Can you believe that Fourth of July is just around the corner? It seems that the weeks since Memorial Day have flown by: before we know it the cool breath of autumn will be here, a welcome relief from scorching summer days. Until then, we will slake our thirsts with beverages that are cool, crisp, and refreshing. And that includes wine! We want to reach into the fridge and pull out a frosty bottle that does double-duty – as a cocktail hour quaff or as an accompaniment to a light summer meal.

The Italian Food Wine & Travel group has done all the research for you, with this month’s recommendations on the Summer Wines of Italy. Continue reading “Verdicchio and Vermentino: Italy’s Perfect Summer Wines (#ItalianFWT)”

Happy Cinco de Giro Derby Day!

This weekend affords wine lovers many excuses to celebrate with a glass of something delicious in hand. Friday, May 5th, best known to imbibing revelers worldwide as Cinco de Mayo, also happens to be Sauvignon Blanc Day. So if tequila shots chased by cold, Mexican beer aren’t your thing, why not pour yourself a few fingers of crisp Sauvignon Blanc? (Bonus points awarded if you’ve … Continue reading Happy Cinco de Giro Derby Day!

It’s International Grenache Day!

    “Grenache is for me, the wild, wild woman of wine, the sex on wheels and devil take the hindmost, the don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  –  Oz Clarke   I rather like Oz’s description of Grenache, the wine grape of many personalities.  Having spent a bit of time in Spain, I myself have fallen prey to her charms:  sometimes in the magenta-hued … Continue reading It’s International Grenache Day!