It’s #CabFrancDay! What’s In Your Glass?

December 4th celebrates one of the Swirling Dervish’s favorite grape varieties: Cabernet Franc. Many plaudits have been written about its superstar offspring Cabernet Sauvignon and, indeed, there are some excellent wines made from the grape. But I am more susceptible to the allure of a glass of Cab Franc.

Why? Let me count the ways . . . . Continue reading “It’s #CabFrancDay! What’s In Your Glass?”

Making the Most of Merlot Month (#MerlotMe) via #WinePW

  As October comes to a close, so does #MerlotMe 2016, in which food and wine writers channeled their creative energies into dynamite menu pairings for one of the world’s most popular red wines.  Members of our Wine Pairing Weekend group (#WinePW), which convenes the first Saturday of each month, happily devoted themselves to the Merlot theme and, I must say, came up with some … Continue reading Making the Most of Merlot Month (#MerlotMe) via #WinePW