Reacquainting Myself with an Old Friend: #MerlotMe #WinePW

During the month of October, the Wine Pairing Weekend bloggers (#WinePW) set their sights on American Merlot, using their tasting and writing skills to remind the world just how good it is.  Many of us started out loving Merlot, enjoying the ripe fruit and silky tannins that make it go down easy. It’s a charming wine and makes such an amiable partner at the table that it’s difficult to understand how it fell out of favor.

Yes, Miles from the movie Sideways threw a forestful of shade on the wine when he professed his abhorrence of it. But those of us who knew the truth about Merlot weren’t swayed by his opinion. We scoffed at his disdain for the grape, especially when he later professed passion for a trophy French wine dominated by Merlot. We dismissed his generalization as rubbish, but how much Merlot were we actually buying? Speaking for myself, not much. Why?

Maybe I’m an outlier but, although I considered myself a fan of Merlot, not much made its way into my shopping cart. Where was the disconnect? Looking back at my wine journey over the past 15 years, I think I can identify the root of my inconsistent approach: an abundance of choices. Pursuing that theme, I guess you could call it Fear of Missing Out on the latest, weirdest wine capturing the attention of the hip sommeliers across the country. There was nothing wrong with Merlot but, in my quest to track down obscure grapes and taste the latest “must-have” wine, I simply forgot about it. Merlot, the trusted friend, loyal to the end, even after being relegated to second-class status. I don’t deserve you. Continue reading “Reacquainting Myself with an Old Friend: #MerlotMe #WinePW”

Dry Creek Valley Delights: The Meeker Vineyard (#WineStudio)

    As one of the first wineries to receive an operating license after prohibition, the Meeker Vineyard could be considered a member of Dry Creek Valley’s old guard, a testament to tradition in one of the most-respected American Viticultural Areas (AVAs.) The Meeker family traces its winemaking roots back to the 1980s, when Charlie Meeker (then a Hollywood film producer) and his wife Molly … Continue reading Dry Creek Valley Delights: The Meeker Vineyard (#WineStudio)

Carmenère:  A Case of Mistaken Identity or “What’s Franc Got to Do with It?”

  November 24th is International Carmenère Day!  Are you familiar with the history of this grape, most closely identified these days with Chile?  Well, it hails from the Médoc region of Bordeaux, for starters.  But back in the late 1800s, when the phylloxera louse laid waste to the vineyards of France, many winemakers set sail for South America in an effort to rebuild their dreams of … Continue reading Carmenère:  A Case of Mistaken Identity or “What’s Franc Got to Do with It?”

Making the Most of Merlot Month (#MerlotMe) via #WinePW

  As October comes to a close, so does #MerlotMe 2016, in which food and wine writers channeled their creative energies into dynamite menu pairings for one of the world’s most popular red wines.  Members of our Wine Pairing Weekend group (#WinePW), which convenes the first Saturday of each month, happily devoted themselves to the Merlot theme and, I must say, came up with some … Continue reading Making the Most of Merlot Month (#MerlotMe) via #WinePW

Cold Weather Comfort Food via #WinePW

  It’s a chilly, rainy Sunday in New York City, and that makes me want to curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, watch football, and – the best part – enjoy the enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen, where a pot of something delicious simmers on the stove.  And after October’s Wine Pairing Weekend (#WinePW) Twitter chat, I’ve got lots of ideas about what to … Continue reading Cold Weather Comfort Food via #WinePW

Mercy Mondays and Merlot – October #WinePW

  It’s that time again – the first Saturday of the month, when a group of wine and food enthusiasts come together to discuss menu pairings based on a particular theme.  October has us focusing on #MerlotMe, an exercise in which we try out new bottles of an old favorite – Merlot.  Jeff Burrows from FoodWineClick! is our host this month, as we don our … Continue reading Mercy Mondays and Merlot – October #WinePW