Cremisan Wine Estate: A Week Night Taste of the Middle East

Cremisan Line Up

I’m in training. Every day I test my limits, pushing myself to go a little further than the day before; increasing my stamina to stay the course to the end. No, I’m not preparing for a marathon or triathlon. I’m in the process of becoming a New Yorker.

Lest you consider that a modest challenge, I assure you it is not. Denizens of the island of Manhattan thrive on competition: who will score the one empty seat on the subway? Who will grab the last package of arugula off the shelf, triumphantly sailing to the check-out line ahead of the others? You might think I’m exaggerating, but I kid you not.

My first exposure to life in the Big Apple was in 2010, when I took a job with an insurance company based in mid-town. Over the next few years I traveled to New York almost every week, staying just long enough to tire of its constant motion but never long enough to enjoy the vibrant spirit hidden underneath. Continue reading “Cremisan Wine Estate: A Week Night Taste of the Middle East”