Warming Up with the Wines of Corbières and Minervois

The third week of January finds many of us in a post-fiesta fog – and a cold one, at that. Holiday cheer has given way to mid-winter gloom, and we long for the warmth of a blazing fire and a dish of hearty fare to keep us company. What better time to imagine ourselves in the South of France?

Join the French Winophiles bloggers on Saturday, January 20th, as we head to the sunny wine regions of Corbières and Minervois. Tucked in between the Pyrénées Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, in the far southwest of France, these towns provide the perfect refuge from icy evenings here at home.

If winter’s got you down, we have the perfect remedy: a virtual voyage to this sun-kissed corner of the Languedoc, home to high-quality wines and heart-warming cuisine that will make you forget about those single-digit temperatures. We meet on Twitter at 11 am ET, following the hashtag #winophiles. Continue reading “Warming Up with the Wines of Corbières and Minervois”